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The objective behind this very focused subject Digital Marketing for Hong Kong is being written for all women  who are working, stay home moms or women entrepreneurs managing a start-up in this city of more than 250 islands.

Digital Marketing

It is not hard to guess that in today’s scenario, there are a whole lot of opportunities for women. But as a stay home mom  you may have to think about your job options in a different way. This is especially true if you are thinking of starting a new career journey. The best options for you can be:

Online jobs like content writing and digital marketing

Sales and marketing

Beauty and cosmetics



Fashion designing

What about online jobs? Of course, this seems easier for women who want to gain an identity while still looking after their homes. Then, why not try digital marketing in the most digitized city of Asia!

Did you know – which countries are considered the most digitally advanced in the world ?

Top in the ranking are Luxembourg, the U.S. the Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is in the list and this is not surprising …we have statistics to prove this fact !

Internet users in Hong Kong

Internet Marketing for Women
  • There were 6.79 million internet users in Hong Kong in January 2020.
  • Internet penetration in Hong Kong stood at 91% in January 2020.

Social media users in Hong Kong

  • There were 5.80 million social media users in Hong Kong in January 2020.
  • Social media penetration in Hong Kong stood at 78% in January 2020.

Mobile connections in Hong Kong

  • There were 13.55 million mobile connections in Hong Kong in January 2020.
  • The number of mobile connections in Hong Kong in January 2020 was equivalent to 181% of the total population.

With these statistics we are assured Hong Kong is making strides to transform into the Smart City of tomorrow. For Hong Kong to experience digitization success, the city needs to focus on three key pieces:

  1. Ecosystem: The city needs to create a healthy ecosystem that allows different stakeholders to collaborate.
  2. Economy: A high-functioning economy offers strong incentive for businesses and citizens to adopt new digital initiatives.
  3. Education: Access to education is vital for any kind of Smart City development to take off.

Therefore, Digital Marketing for Hong Kong will be an important skill to acquire for all women who would like to take this up as a profession to drive business in today’s virtual world.

Which type of Digital Marketing is Best ?

Before this question is answered, let’s first understand the Digital Marketing Definition and  Digital Marketing Strategy that is most relevant for Hong Kong –

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

So, an example would be out of 5.80 million social media users in Hong Kong how would use the most effective Digital Marketing Influencers strategy specific to women entrepreneurs. Digital Marketing for women entrepreneurs or Internet Marketing for women is a very hot subject in Hong Kong as many stay home moms have started their online businesses. If you do a google search you will find that women are looking for Digital Marketing Course online free. There are many choices available today.

Women in Digital Marketing 

However, Digital Marketing strategy implementation and practice comes with time and its important develop a Digital Marketing Network to share challenges and learning’s.

For example – It’s important to build a strong network of women who are digital savvy or stay at home moms who can build a digital community to share their digital journey.

At the start of a digital career, becoming a leader in the digital marketing world can be quite difficult, however Women in Digital Marketing have done a phenomenal job as they are naturally intuitive and  gifted in story-telling, thereby  creating content that helps in being more effective in  “online channels, to customize messages to build more personalized relationship with targeted consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The ability to lead, innovate, and create trends is vital in the digital marketing world and women are making a mark in the field of marketing, social media, branding and entrepreneurship.

Marketing will play an important role in digital world,  specially strategies that personalize the connection with the consumer. It’s about understanding and connecting with the consumer in a way they feel they are being treated as an individual will help to build strong brands.

Women in Digital Marketing

Women who are interested in making a career in Digital  Marketing in Hong Kong can choose from following areas –

Digital marketing is itself a sea of diverse fields and growth and here are the options for you –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a revolutionary tactic to score high on Google search engine. Many new online businesses are looking for SEO Managers to work upon this aspect. Knowing about both On-Page and Off-Page SEO can get you decent money.

Search Engine Marketing

Have you heard about Google AdWords, Bing Ads? If yes, then as a career woman you can explore this strategy of paid marketing. You can work upon PPC, a digital marketing method to promote a company’s name on various platforms. 

Content Marketing

Content is the core of digital marketing and also an ongoing practice. You can put this option in your pocket by educating the customers through well-written content. 

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter, social media marketing provides you with huge scope to occupy the portfolio of a perfect social media marketer. Most startups pay a high amount for social media promotions and you can easily contact them online.

Email Marketing

As an email marketer, you need to update the subscribers regularly. It is associated with building the brand image of a company. 

The present time can be called the era of Digital Marketing and Engaged  Women. Talking solely about digital marketing, it is one of the top-rated professions. As more businesses have gone online, companies need individual digital marketers to speed up their online promotions. Stay at home moms can make learn digital marketing and make a living from the comforts of their home ! 

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